Best Sugar to Use for Body Scrub with Benefits of Each

What is the best Sugar to use for body scrub? When making your sugar scrubs at home, you are presented with many options to customize your scrub. You get to decide which oils will be best in your scrub and which sugars are most suitable for your scrub. People use raw sugar, granulated white sugar, and brown sugar in their sugar scrubs.

Why Use Sugar?

When making body scrubs at home people will usually either make a sugar scrub or a salt scrub. These homemade scrubs are safe for the skin and will leave the skin soft after use.

  • Scrubbing with sugar invigorates the skin
  • Scrubbing with sugar softens the skin
  • You will not leave tears or abrasions when scrubbing with a sugar scrub
  • Help eliminate clogged pores

Salt can be harsh on the body when used to scrub, while sugar is gentle and still exfoliates your skin. Neither scrub should be used daily. You should only exfoliate up to two times a week.

Best Sugar to Use for Body Scrub with Benefits of Each

When it comes to sugar, there are different types that can be used for body scrubs. Here is a breakdown of the best sugar to use for body scrub and the benefits of each type.

Benefits of White Sugar in Sugar Scrub

White sugar is cheap and very easy to come by. Granulated white sugar is sold almost everywhere. There are many benefits to choosing white sugar in your sugar scrub.

  • White sugar is very coarse, it is great for getting rid of buildup and dead skin
  • White sugar can be used both on the blips and on your lips
  • White sugar is great for tougher spots on the body like elbows and knees
  • White sugar is cheap

Many people already have white sugar in their homes and will not need to get out and buy any. White sugar is one of the most common ingredients that people keep in their pantries.

White sugar should not be used on the face. The skin on the face is very sensitive and can be damaged by white sugar scrubs. If you intend to use your sugar scrub on your face you should use a different type of sugar.

Benefits of Brown Sugar in Sugar Scrub

Brown sugar is also a very common ingredient that people keep in their homes, but it is not as common as white sugar. Brown sugar makes for a great exfoliant and has many benefits

  • Brown sugar isn’t as coarse as white sugar and because of this, it can be used as a facial scrub as well as a body scrub.
  • Brown sugar is better for people with dry or sensitive skin because it isn’t as abrasive.
  • Brown sugar will exfoliate the skin and leave it feeling soft.

For a scrub that can be used all over the body including the face, brown sugar is ideal. Brown sugar will not do as good as a job as white sugar on rougher patches of skin like the elbows and knees. Brown sugar is easily accessible, many homes keep brown sugar on hand.

Benefits of Raw Sugar in Sugar Scrub

Raw sugar is the coarsest sugar option you can get. This makes it an excellent body scrub, but a terrible facial scrub. Using raw sugar on the face can cut your skin because the skin on your face is much more fragile than the skin on your body.

  • Raw sugar will exfoliate your body more than the other sugar options because it is coarser than the other sugars available.
  • Raw sugar scrub should not be used on the face.
  • Raw sugar scrub should not be used on the lips.
  • People with dry or sensitive skin should not choose to use raw sugar in their sugar scrub
  • This sugar scrub is best for people with oily and rough skin.

No one should ever use raw sugar on their face, and raw sugar isn’t ideal for every skin type. People who struggle with oily and rough skin will benefit the most from using raw sugar scrub on their bodies. People who have dry skin will be left with even drier skin if they choose to use a raw sugar scrub.

Conclusion On Sugar in Sugar Scrubs

The sugar that you end up choosing should be based on your skin type and if you are new to exfoliating or not. The purpose you decide to use your scrub for will also help you decide on which sugar you should choose to use in your scrub.

Brown sugar is best for people who have naturally dry or sensitive skin. This is also a good choice for people who are not used to exfoliating. Your skin may take time to adjust. Brown sugar is also the only sugar scrub that should be used on the face.

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