How to Use Sugar Scrub on Feet with Benefits of Scrubbing

The skin on the feet is the roughest skin on the body. To properly exfoliate the feet a coarse body scrub is needed to do a good job. Sugar scrub is a good choice to use on your feet. To use a sugar scrub on your feet all you need is coarse grain sugar and your preferred carrier oil.

How to Make Sugar Scrub for Feet

Making a good sugar scrub is easy. Since this sugar scrub is specifically for your feet you will want to choose coarse sugar. Raw sugar or white sugar will be the best choices for your feet, with raw being the best because it is the roughest for the skin. This may be what you want for the tough skin on your feet.

You can choose any carrier oil you want. Carrier oil is the oil that will leave your skin moisturized while you scrub. Common oils used in sugar scrub are coconut oil, avocado oil, and almond oil. Each oil benefits the skin in different ways.

Here is how to make sugar scrub for your feet:

  1. Grab a large bowl that you would use for cooking
  2. In the bowl combine coarse sugar and your choice of carrier oil, start with a 2 part sugar and 1 part carrier oil adjusted to your desired consistency
  3. Feel free to add in a few drops of essential oil of your choice although this isn’t required
  4. Your scrub can be any consistency you want but because you are scrubbing your feet you may want a thicker consistency
  5. Add more sugar to thicken the scrub, add more oil for a more liquid scrub
  6. Transfer the finished foot scrub into an airtight container like a jar
  7. Store in a cool dry place

Be careful not to get any water in your sugar scrub when you use it because water will make the scrub go bad faster. Storing your scrub in the fridge can also extend its shelf life. Homemade sugar foot scrub can last up to 6 months when stored correctly.

How to Use Sugar Scrub on Feet

So now that you’ve made your scrub it is time to use it. Using sugar scrub is easy and relaxing. Rubbing the scrub into your feel feels like a foot massage and will leave you feeling refreshed after.

  1. Wash your feet with warm water and soap to open your pores and prep your skin, you can do this in a foot bath or shower
  2. Scrub your feet thoroughly with your sugar scrub in circular motions
  3. Make sure to scrub difficult areas like between the toes and under the toes
  4. Rinse your feet in cold water to close the pores and tighten your skin
  5. Towel dry your feet
  6. Rub your choice of lotion into your dry exfoliated feet

You most you should exfoliate your feet is 3 times a week. You should not exfoliate every day because your skin needs time to heal. On days you do not exfoliate you can still wash and moisturize your feet.

Benefits of Scrubbing Your Feet with Sugar Scrub

Out feet are the moth worn out parts of our body normally. Many people spend all day on their feet and experience aches and pains. Here are some benefits to scrubbing your feet with a sugar scrub.

  • Scrubbing your feet will relieve pain
  • Scrubbing your feet can reduce your stress and help you relax
  • Scrubbing your feet will get rid of built-up dirt and dry dead skin
  • Sugar scrubs help get rid of bacteria
  • Sugar scrubs leave the skin looking radiant
  • Your feet will feel soft after exfoliating with a sugar scrub

Our feet are overworked and worn out most of the time. Our feet are important because we use them all the time, so taking care of them is important.

Conclusion on Scrubbing Feet with a Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrub is great for scrubbing all parts of the body depending on which sugar you use. The skin on the feet is rougher than the skin on the rest of our bodies so it is safe and ideal to use raw sugar when making a foot sugar scrub. Brown sugar scrubs may not be as effective as a coarser sugar scrub would be when used on the feet.

Taking care of our feet by scrubbing them with a foot scrub is good for your overall health. Scrubbing the feet reduces general pain and is good for helping people unwind. Scrubbing your feet with a sugar scrub is a great way to relax after being on your feet all day.

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